Best Orthodontist - 2024 Folsom / El Dorado Hills Readers' Choice Awards
4 contenders in this category.

Jeffrey Kwong, DDS, MSD, at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics

In our 11th year at Jeffrey Kwong Orthodontics, we continue to always improve how you experience patient care with a focus on you as an individual. We’re known for our open communication and we do thi

Mark Holt, DDS, at Holt Orthodontics

Holt Ortho is now the #1 Private Practice Invisalign® Provider in California for teens and adults! Made possible by their team of incredible doctors Tyler Holt, Miriam Behpour and Mark Holt. Creating

Seth Lucas, DDS, MS, at Lucas Orthodontics

Dr. Lucas is a board-certified orthodontist who offers genuine, conservative, and affordable orthodontic treatment with low monthly payment plans. At our one-doctor practice, you will see Dr. Lucas